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"My mission is to impact lives in and out of the weight room by delivering quality programs, above and beyond customer service and genuine social relationships. I strive to help people not only look good in the mirror, but also have their body feel the best it has ever been."

I have a passion for healthy living and fitness. I love helping people achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves. As your trainer, I will not only help you look good but also feel better mentally, physically and emotionally and get you moving better with no aches or pain. I specialize in sports performance and functional strength and conditioning. My love for training people and being physically active is owed to my athletic career in high school where I excelled in basketball and cross country. The influence that my physically active mother had on me to maintain a healthy lifestyle and seeing my uncle be a personal trainer growing up were also some factors that drove my love for health and wellness. I strive to make exercising fun for people by motivating clients and introducing them to fun and creative exercises that get the job done.




About 6 months ago, I fell and broke my right knee cap. Several months after surgery, I started physical therapy prescribed by Kaiser, to get full range of my right knee, which allowed me to drive and walk without a cane.

After the prescribed physical therapy completed, I wanted to make sure that the physical strength I had loss during my recovery was regained. So, I joined CQ Performance and had Christian as my private trainer.

My workouts with Christian are fun, creative and spot on for the recovery I was seeking. Christian understood my desire to build strength while taking into consideration the limitations of my injury.

I have regained much needed strength and learned a great deal about what I can and cannot do, yet. I workout with Christian three days a week and look forward to continuing these workouts until I meet all my personal goals with his expert assistance.


- Adryenn




Private Training allows you to have your program strictly catered to you, your goals, abilities and limitations. With comprehensive assessments, you will receive the best training for you that will be challenging and enjoyable. One-on-one personal training offers detailed assessments such as body composition and fitness tests, nutritional guidance, and goal monitoring.


Small group training offers a great environment of hard work when you are surrounded by people who are trying to accomplish the same goal. Small group training is also a great way for beginners to get started on their fitness journey. Small group training entails being in group of 2-5 people where you get to have the sense of community as everyone works hard to achieve their goals.


 At CQ Performance, we provide sport specific programming that will transfer over onto the playing field. We provide strength, speed & agility, and power training for athletes of all kinds. Sports Performance Training is offered for both private and semi-private training. This service is great for athletes who are trying to make it to the next level or for teams that want to increase the performance of their athletes.


Local or out of town, Christian can offer the same great value that you would get with one-on-one training through online training. With detailed training programs that allow you to see reps, sets, rest periods, metric tracking, video exercise demos, nutrition and goal accountability, it will feel like you haven’t missed out on anything! 


When it comes to reaching your goals, it takes 20% training and 80% nutrition. Christian will provide you a meal plan that gives you individualized caloric intake, macro ratio and portion size based off your physical attributes, goals, activity level and preferred eating style. Christian is also determined to not leave you the same way you came in. On top of nutritional guidance you will be educated on how to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle.




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